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Welcome Foolish Mortal
You have unlocked the portal to Frightbytes Carnival of Terror.
After reading the brief description, simply click on the book.
You will be transported into it's nightmarish realm.

Frightbytes Carnival of Terror

After becoming stranded on a rarely traveled road
you find yourself on a path leading to Salems Marsh, a haunted place.
A glowing light in the distance will lead you to the Carnival of Terror.
The Carnival is a quirky little adventure for those with a taste for the dark side.
Once you enter, the exit gate may be impossible to find.
Your quest is to Ride the Tunnel of Terror and find the hidden Soul Orbs.
You must find the orbs and free the captured souls before Halloween night ends.
Beware of a terrible dark spirit that dwells there. Her secret story is hidden for you to find.
Your decisions will determine your fate.
Opening the wrong door or taking the wrong turn will be deadly.
The Dark Entity may feast upon your soul!
Are you hungry for a little fright?

This story uses FLASH.

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