Welcome to Frightbytes Virtual Hauntings

Welcome Foolish Mortal
You have unlocked the SECRET portal to The Lost Mansion.
It is SECRET, as it is still being written.
But you are free to explore!

After reading the brief description, simply click on the book.
You will be transported into it's nightmarish realm.

The Lost Mansion

Deep in Salems Marsh is a mansion that should remain forgotten.
The place is cursed and haunted by many spirits.
Entire families have disappeared without a trace.
What happened to them? Where did they go?

This story is still being written but you are welcome to a sneak peek.
There are already many rooms, revealing notes, and hidden items for you to find.
This story like most of Frightbytes stories has different paths.
If you have visited Frightbytes before you will meet familiar
characters along the way. Some are friends, some are foes.
Are you hungry for a little fright?

This story uses FLASH.

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