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Can I Chase Away A Ghost?

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Haunted House Can I Get Rid Of A Ghost? Haunted House

Although I can't imagine living in a house that isn't haunted by one or two spirits, some of you may want your ghosts vanquished. Here's some things you can try.

Getting rid of a ghost Ask It To Leave Getting rid of a ghost

Remain unemotional and firm when dealing with a negative ghost, as they can feed off of your fear and make themselves stronger and more powerful. Know you are in control, speak out loud and ask the ghost or spirit to leave, you live there now, and they are not welcome in your home. Do this firmly, yet without anger, don't let your anger feed their negative energy. Be very firm in letting them know itís time for them to go. Keep telling them this until you feel itís gone.

Getting rid of a ghost Ghost Traps Getting rid of a ghost

A very good addition in asking them to leave, use a very light wind chime, hanging in open areas where they frequent, you can find many different styles (according to your taste) that work just fine, and look like normal home decor. Let them know you know where they are while you're asking them to leave. Remember the simplest solution usually is the most reliable.

Getting rid of a ghost Smudging Getting rid of a ghost

If the spirit or ghost activity does not stop, or stops only for a while, you may want to do a spiritual cleansing of your home. This is the traditional practice of "smudging" a home to get rid of an unwanted ghost.

Crack open a window in each room of your home and take a dried bundle of sage (available at most metaphysical stores) or incense (which seems a bit more desirable) and "smudge" your home clearing out any negative or stagnant energies. Smudging is simply lighting the sage or incense, making sure you have a safe receptacle to catch the ashes in, and walking around your entire home allowing the smoke to circulate and cleanse the energy and space.

Be firm and unemotional, walk around each room of your home, while saying loudly and firmly, "This is to cleanse out all negative energies and spirits... all negative energies and spirits must leave now through the windows and not return." Do this until you sense the negative energy has gone from the room, and then say, "In the name of God, this room is now cleansed".

You may also ring a bell in every corner, in every room, or clap your hands; the whole idea is to get the stale air moving in all the corners. If you canít do anything else, vacuum!

You may end the ritual by lighting a white candle and setting it on a table (preferably at the center of the house) to burn for a while to "seal" the ritual.

Getting rid of a ghost Holy Water Getting rid of a ghost

You can get this from your nearest Catholic Church, bring a clean bottle from home, its usually in a large stainless steel container with a cross on it. When you get home, pour a generous amount into a clean bowl, stir your fingers in it, and make the sign of the cross, saying ĒIn the name of God I bless this house, and banish all entities seen or unseenĒ. Do this in front of every doorway inside and out, including basements or attics.

Getting rid of a ghost Pray Getting rid of a ghost

When is the last time you have done it? It canít hurt and it might annoy the ghost.

Getting rid of a ghost Garlic and Other Devices Getting rid of a ghost

A tried & true repellant, use only one clove of garlic in each doorway and window, you may even want to carry one in your pocket.

You may also try Five-finger grass, Cinnamon, or Echinacea - just remember they carry a strong odor. You may also try Hazelnuts glued to a green ribbon and hung at each door.

Some minerals such as Hematite according to legend it will relieve paranormal negative effects. Hematite is a type of iron oxide that's commonly used in industry to make iron. Silvery gray hematite, known as spectacular hematite, is commonly used in jewelry. This mineral is also popular among rock and mineral collectors. Hematite is most commonly found in dry lake and river beds or alongside streams and rivers.

Hematite brings a quality of energy that is powerful, strong and grounding. It works with one's mind by calming it and clearing the unnecessary clutter.

Getting rid of a ghost Confusion Getting rid of a ghost

Try placing your shoes at the foot of your bed, that youíll be wearing the next day. Face the shoes in opposing directions, this may seem strange but according to legend this will be confusing enough for the ghost to leave.

Another method it to scatter something like rice, salt, or beans on the kitchen floor before going to bed at night, this will cause the ghost to stop and count them. Legend says they're not very good at this and it will drive them crazy and eventually send them away. Make sure you clean up the mess in the morning, you donít want to slip.

Getting rid of a ghost Mirrors Getting rid of a ghost

You can place flat mirrors with the reflective side toward every door in every room thatís haunted. Try to get one that is body length and is at least over the eyes in height. According to legend this will scare the ghost when it looks through the door. A good idea here is to get a double-sided reflective mirror. Convex mirrors can also be used reflective side out, in a discrete corner of every window of every room thatís haunted.

Getting rid of a ghost Sea Salt Getting rid of a ghost

You can make lines of protection using blessed sea salt. All you have to do is get a Catholic Priest to bless it. According to legend this will create a boundary that canít be crossed.

Getting rid of a ghost Paint Your Front Door Red Getting rid of a ghost

This according to legend will prevent anything evil from entering your house.

Getting rid of a ghost Spirit Banishing Spell Getting rid of a ghost

If using a candle, light it and say:

Evil spirit standing tall
It's time you made your greatest fall
Return to hell thou evil plite
I banish with this holy light
Go away and leave my sight
And take with you this endless night

If you are NOT using a candle, then say:

I am light
I am one to strong to fight
Return to dark where shadows dwell
Be vanquished with this wiccan spell

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