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The Gift of Harmonic Relationships
When we acknowledge our higher power and in turn the higher power gives back to us, then we have harmony. This is a great representation of the working of karma. Good things come in return for good deeds. Remember that vaccination you got a long time ago. Now there is a higher power telling you need another one. We need to meditate on the magic of working with knowing our spiritual forces and treating them as we want a pleasing and easy environment to allow us to set us up for good things to come. Whatever you do, donít play with the dog that has no legs. Sure he might be cute, and you will feel pity for him, but no matter how much you call to him, he will never come. There is a strong showing for respect of nature. You will discover a strange alien love.

You are warned of dangers, disappointments, and failure brought on by bad advice, associations with others, and unhappy partnerships of all kinds. Someone has been using your toothbrush to clean the toilets. You may be wise to follow your own intuitions carefully for flaws before acting on them. Be generous, but work on a solid foundation for the future for yourself. Aliens will land in your backyard and probe you. You will enjoy it. You will learn from past mistakes when you are no longer blinded by the folly of others. Ideas and dreams will be realized. Your magnetism is extremely attractive to the opposite sex (you wish). You will practice a naval maneuver in bathtub and will have an unfortunate accident with your toy submarine. Hospital Emergency room will have interesting patient.

Your Aura Color
White: Shows spiritual guidence and will often indicate the presence of personal teachers and guides. The person with a brilliant white in the aura is being directed into the right paths for growth, and learning to see beyond illusions; centered and calm. There are no dark or light shades of white. It's too late in the season to wear white you fashion dropout.

Your Animal Totem
Wolf: Guardianship, ritual, loyalty, fleas and spirit.
Cycle of Power: Year-round, full moons, twilight.

Your Power Stone
Gall Stone: Good luck, friendship, prosperity.

Your Darker Nature
Pees in Hot Tubs.

Demon Most Likely to Possess You
Nuckelavee: The most disturbing of the roaming demons, the Nuckelavee is a monstrous horse with huge mouth and one fiery eye in the middle of itís forehead, its rider is joined to it from the waist, a hideous torso with arms so long they nearly touch the ground and a monstrous head that rolls around as if the neck canít hold its weight. The creature has no skin, no nose, black blood passes through white vein and white sinews pull red muscles. Great dancer. Hmmm, Michael Jackson? The Nuckelavee is carnivorous and a skilled tracker but wonít cross running fresh water.

Spell to Vanquish Demon
To Return To The Future
A shard of mirror for a broken reflection,
A pocket watch with a cracked face.
A cache of herbs to burn for protection,
To send you to another time and place.
(Throw in washing machine, cycle: hot and sturdy. Dry on high. OOPS, shrunk it.)

Warning Advice For Events in Your Near Future
1 - Do not go looking for witches in the Maryland countryside.

2 Ė Neighbors who like to dig holes in their yards late at night should be avoided at all costs.

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