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Halloween Worm Pie Game

You'll need some pie tins (1 for each person playing), gummy worms, and cool whip. Put the same amount of worms in each pie tin, (the more the better!) and cover with cool whip. Blindfold each player. Don't tell what's in the pie, let them be surprised to find a worm dangling from their mouths (have a camera ready).

At the word of "Go!" all players dip into the pie with their mouths, trying to pull out as many worms as they can. The person to get all the worms out of their pie wins.

This game is messy, but it's fun for the people playing as well as for those watching! Go eat some worms. Worms are good for you, lots of protein, low in fat, and eating worms will make you popular. Bon appetite'

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