The History of Frightbytes Manor

Dead Inside

A long, long time ago before Frightbytes Manor was built there stood a great Castle in its place. My ancestors lorded over the land with an iron fist and prospered while their tenant farmers and townspeople sunk deeper into poverty and despair. When a black plague swept over the land no illness was suffered at the Castle. When a great flood swept over the hills and valleys the Castle was not damaged. When drought dry forests were on fire and everything in its path consumed the Castle once again was spared. It was as if it was enclosed under a giant protective dome.

Stories abound of my ancestors being involved with Witchcraft and the Occult. One was a powerful witch. The tales were passed down from generation to generation of deals with the devil and other demons in exchange for wealth and immortality. The tales were true and I've followed into the darkness. It couldn't be avoided; it's my destiny as the Mistress of Frightbytes to be the overseer of this haunted place. How long I'll remain the Sentinal is unknown.

This story is about my butler Jeeves and my great-great-great grandmother Daisy. Jeeves enjoys annoying me by hiding my treasures and one treasure he took caused the greatest alarm. The Spell Book. In the wrong hands this would have brought terrible troubles. Jeeves isn't particularly evil; he simply is not skilled in the practice of Witchcraft and is at best a broken soul.

The story of Jeeves and Daisy began as an one sided love story but nothing ends well at Frightbytes Manor; not now and never in the far away past.

Many centuries ago when Daisy was born it's been told that the dark feeling over the Castle lifted. Daisy was a sweet child and grew up to become a beautiful young woman. Her suitors consisted of Dukes, Earls, and brave Knights, all of them willing to fight a duel to the death for her hand in marriage. Once a man looked into her eyes he was lost. Once she flashed her radiant smile at them they were hers. One of the suitors was Jeeves, and he fell hopelessly and completely in love with the raven haired Daisy. But of course everyone else was also under her spell. And yes, a spell it was.

Daisy and Jeeves spent countless hours in the lush gardens surrounding the Castle. The gardens were a special place for Daisy. She had a way with plants. It was almost as if blooms would open just by her touch. They would sit on a blanket in the fields as Daisy would weave daisies into fanciful necklaces, bracelets and hair decorations to give as gifts to Jeeves. Hundreds of years later it was discovered that he kept every one of them even though by then they were almost dust.

Little did Jeeves know that sweet beautiful Daisy was also weaving her floral jewels with many others. While Jeeves was consumed by Daisy alone, Daisy was a social butterfly enjoying the attentions of her many suitors. Jeeves was deluded and struck dumb and blind by love, or by magic. Daisy was pursued by too many others and quickly became bored. Jeeves was not always a butler. Far from it. Back in the old times he was a wealthy and very eligible young bachelor. He could have had his pick of suitable wives but he only had eyes for Daisy.

As it turns out Daisy was born a powerful witch. She didn't require spell books, she had her instincts and inherited knowledge. All would have been well had she continued to practice her love spells and healing spells but something dark touched her and she found the Spell Book.

This spell book had been in our family for centuries, carefully guarded and hidden. The ancestors knew it was dangerous. Daisy found the spell book hidden in the old family Crypt. Her innocence vanished and her deal with the Devil was soon to be made as she opened that blasted book.

Daisy asked for immortality and beauty that would never fade, she would become more beautiful and radiant with the passing ages. She could manipulate everyone around her compelling them into doing anything and everything she wanted. And it seems she even charmed the Devil himself. For Daisy, white magic became too boring and she became enamored by dark magic and sorcery. The darkness settled over the Castle once again.

During this time Jeeves became more and more tortured by her lack of affection toward him and her constant new conquests. Over the long years he suffered silent heartbreak. As long as Daisy had her power she would never be his. So much time had passed and Jeeves was getting older and older. Soon he was an old man and Daisy was still appearing as a young woman and flaunting her young suitors in front of him. The pain was so great for Jeeves that it drove him to madness. Daisy would never get old; never die even as those around her suffered the ravages of time.

Jeeves knew the sands of time were running out for him so he devised a plan to change his destiny and allow him more time to pursue Daisy. One very stormy night he entered the Castle and made his way to the nursery. He kidnapped Daisy's baby. He didn't get far; Daisy and the servants confronted him immediately in the Great Hall. Jeeves had to make his plan work and in desperation he threatened to hurl the baby into the blazing fireplace.

This was his demand - Daisy was to cast a spell which would turn him back into a young man and grant him immortality. To save her child Daisy pleaded with him not to hurt the baby and she would cast the spell he desired, it would require the spell book. Clutching the spell book to her, the spell was cast and almost immediately Jeeves felt vitality wash over him. Looking at the mirror he saw himself actually becoming younger. Setting down the Spell Book, Daisy took her baby from his arms and handed the child safely to a servant. In the next instant in a fury of ancient curses and screams Daisy cast another spell on Jeeves.

It was a reversal spell and Jeeves was aging once again, this time at a much accelerated rate. In a panic Jeeves did the only thing he could think of and that was to lunge forward and grab the Spell Book while he still could. Daisy realized her mistake in setting it down within Jeeves reach and tried to charm him to return it to her. Instead he threw the book into the fire. Black smoke filled the air and tortured screams came from the book. The flames burst from the fireplace, more like fireballs. Daisy and Jeeves were powerless to move. The Spell Book continued to burn and in the process Jeeves witnessed Daisy growing old and hideous. The spell had been broken, Daisy was now mortal. The fire was raging and growing and in one explosive shooting flame Daisy and Jeeves were consumed in fire.

I can only imagine what a horrific scene it was watching the two of them burning alive. No one could have reached them to save them. The flames were too intense. The fire spread quickly, jumping from one old tapestry and massive draperies to the next. The servants fled with nothing more than the clothes on their backs, and the baby in their arms.

Found in the rubble during the next few days the remains of Daisy and Jeeves were found melded together in each otherís arms. As family sifted through the piles lo and behold the red Spell Book was found intact, good as new. It was time to give it a new hiding place.

The days of castles were over. Eventually Frightbytes Manor was built on the Castle land. Inevitably I became the owner/guardian and assumed the responsibility of keeping the spirits and magic under control. Frightbytes Manor is haunted by many spirits.

Jeeves and Daisy have never left and both roam the Manor although they are both on different planes of the afterlife; it's best this way. Jeeves has been with me for hundreds of years, content to be known as my butler. But it hasn't been easy. Even in spirit he still obsesses about Daisy - which brings me to how he lost his head.

Jeeves somehow found the Spell Book a long time ago and when confronted about his intentions he admitted he was going to bridge the plane between himself and Daisy. He would bring her over to his side so she would be able to have access to the Spell Book. He was convinced she would help them both to become human again and immortal. Poor Jeeves, still thinking she would ever care for him.

We argued back and forth for hours. It's hard to reason with a madman and at that moment Jeeves was quite mad. I felt bad for this spirit. He had been with me at Frightbytes Manor for so many long years at that time and was a helpful and comforting presence. The fact of the matter is that one of my ancestors made sure Daisy would never again have access to the Spell Book. He simply cast a spell in which she would never be able to open the book. That was my final argument to Jeeves and something he would not accept.

He turned on me and the sweet gentle spirit became a raging maniac. He caused objects to be tossed violently and all the while he was reciting incantations from the Spell Book without any knowledge of what he was bringing forth. A great clap of thunder shook the old mansion and a glowing crack began to form in the wall. What was Jeeves bringing into the world? I had to stop him, he wouldn't listen to reason. The house was shaking so intensely it was hard to walk. I managed to get to the wall where an ancient sword was displayed. As I ran toward Jeeves I begged him to stop, he ignored me and kept reciting incantations. I swung the sword and cut off Jeeves head. The head bounced and rolled and finally stopped at my feet. I'll never forget the look of shock and terror on his face.

But Jeeves is a spirit you say, well that's true, but like many things at Frightbytes Manor the sword had been spelled. Jeeves lost his head, in more ways than one. He went headless for a very long time until I was convinced the danger had passed. I finally returned his head to him; it had been unnerving having him float about the house without it. He still likes to remove it from time to time to spook visitors to our home. Jeeves seems much calmer these days but likes to play tricks on me. Hiding things and moving things around is something he likes to do.

I don't know how he found the spell book but I have found a more secure hiding place. If Jeeves gets another notion to be with Daisy again there might be no way to stop him. I can only chop off his head once. Daisy may not be able to use the Spell Book for now, but she was always clever. Never underestimate a powerful witch to find a way to get around a spell.

I'm not sure if Jeeves will ever completely forgive me for taking his head, he still holds a grudge. After all I'm the one keeping him away from his true love. I think Jeeves needs some hobbies to keep him busy, so I'll let him keep playing "hide and go seek" with my possessions.

As for Daisy she seems content in the afterlife in one of the gardens. She's buried at her favorite spot and hasn't caused any trouble since she's been laid to rest. She seems content to haunt the garden from time to time. Without the Spell Book she's back to being a quiet spirit.

Frightbytes Manor has enough spirits to keep me busy, so this story must end. Now you know the secret story of my ancestors. I know you're wondering what exactly I am - a spirit as well? That's still my secret; maybe someday I'll tell you that story. Until next time.....

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